148 Million Train Ticket For The Spring Festival

Othman RamiOthman Rami
January 14, 2014

Train Station in China

Yesterday, the network and the telephone began to buy train tickets during the Spring Festival, at this point, the railway transport during the Spring Festival train ticket of pre holiday ticket peak.

China railway company informed to Beijing morning news, that since December 23rd last year began selling the transport tickets for the Spring Festival , after 20 days (until  January 11) and the  total selling train tickets exceeded 148.58 million, and the average daily tickets sales was 7.43 million, with an increase of 1.25million , growth of 20.3% from the last year. There are 12306 website provide the ticket selling service around the country, beside all the train stations and official ticket sales offices.

The daily selling rate throw these websites was 3.59 million tickets, of 57% (1.3 million) year increasing rate. The internet booking services became the first choice for the passenger ticket booking, so as to get escape from exhaustion in the long waiting line and save time.

The railway departments lunched more electronic services in order to increase the system strength, provide more organized and convenient service, more quickly and safety ways for the passengers for this Spring Festival transportation. Also 4583 electronic selling tickets machines (vending machine) were installed in all train stations, increasing the number of websites up to 12306 sites with new payment service throw the mobile phone booking business.

Student tickets always take priority for earlier booking and 50% discount, at the same time in 117 college installed ticket vending machine. According to statistics, until of January 11th, 18.35 million tickets have been sold for students.

The foreigners in china excluded from all of this easy and electronic way to buy a train tickets since the websites and machine will not recognize the passport numbers and just accept the Chinese ID number. Any way travelling throw the trains and especially during the peak time of spring festival will be very exhausted trip and passenger will spend very long time in train and in the train station and even cause of an expected delay or changing for trip schedules, beside the traffic jams out of the stations, Beijing news reporters from traffic department that the transport during the Spring Festival kicks off this year, at the airport, train station, bus station and other traffic station traffic will increase.

GIrl Showing Her Train Ticket- China

Girl Showing Her Train Ticket- China

Travelling should be planned days before and have to get prepared well, anyway in some times during the festival train tickets could be in very cheap prices, so a little changes in your trip schedule with few days shifting can save a lot of time, troubles and money.

If you will buy train ticket never ever buy it from the black market or people in train stations (Fake tickets business is out there), it’s too risky and illegal, according the new regulations every passenger shall travel and hold ticket which is booked using his own ID number, beside that the real owner of the ticket can cancel the ticket and replaced by new one any time before the trip launch.